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What's in our bio?

Hi, I'm Donna. Founder and CEO of Revelin Agency! I'm a former (but forever) educator who has transitioned to full-time social media management, brand-strategy, and content creation. I've always been a strong creative with a focus on details and a big picture mindset. I have long dreamt about a successful career where I can put my innovative ideas into fruition. This is exactly where Revelin comes into play. To "REVEL IN" means to find joy in something and joy is what I feel when I can help my clients cultivate their vision. Revelin is a labor of love that has been in the works for many years. I've taken great pleasure in building this dream from the ground up. It's a "manifest to reality" kind of thing and I cannot wait to share my passion with you.

That being said, I know what it takes to make your vision actualize! I also know just how scary it can be to jump into something new, but - we are on your team! At RA, we take your ideas to another level by fostering a creative space that will put your business in the forefront of your target audience. Our unique approach to social media will create a high level of engagement to ensure that your brand's voice is being heard and noticed. 

Let me take your socials to another level.
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